Counting On

Counting On, originally named Jill and Jessa: Counting on, is an American reality show, a spin-off from 19 Kids and Counting.

After some challenging months Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald are ready to look towards the future. Jill & Jessa: Counting On follows the lives of the sisters as they navigate adulthood and the changes that come with it. From Jill & Derick making a major move to Central America with their baby boy Israel, to newlyweds Jessa and Ben preparing for their first child, we're excited to see what's in store for the young couples.

Originally only inteded for a three episode special, the series aired on December 13, December 20 and December 27, 2015. The series was quickly picked up for a full season which premiered on March 15, 2016.

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Season 0Edit

No. in season Title Original air date
1 A New Chapter December 13, 2015
A three-part series follows the lives of Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald as the two Duggar sisters adjust to new surroundings, marriage and parenthood. In the premiere, Jill and Derick prepare for a move to Central America with their six-month-old son, Israel, while Jessa and Ben get ready to welcome their first baby.
2 Baby Shower and a New Home December 20, 2015
A baby-food competition is planned by Ben to coincide with Jessa's coed baby shower, while Jill and Derick say good-bye to family and friends before they leave for their new life in Central America. Also: an interview with Anna Duggar.
3 Counting One More December 27, 2015
Jessa and Ben have dinner with friends who have been through the adoption process; while Miss Cathy spends time with Jill and Derick in Central America. New parents Ben and Jessa celebrate the birth of their baby boy.

Season 1Edit

No. in season Title Original air date
1 At Home and Away March 15, 2016
Ben and Jessa adjust to parenthood. Anna heads to visit Josh with Meredith. The family has a fall feast.
2 Date Nights And Bright Lighs March 22, 2016
Jana and the boys add lights to Ben and Jessa's house. Ben and Jessa go on their first date after baby. Joy heads to get new glasses.
3 Jinger Flips March 29, 2016
Jinger flips her first car. Jana, Anna and Jessa have a girls date with Meredith. Jana comes up with a plan to get the little kids outside during spring/summer months.
4 Surprise! April 5, 2016
Jinger prepares for a photo shoot. Joy helps plan a baby shower. The older girls go shopping for the tree house. Jim Bob and Michelle visit the Dillards in Central America.
5 Ben Drops Beats April 12, 2016
The family keeps working on the treehouse. Ben and Jessa head to meet Flame where Ben gets to record a song.
6 Girls Hit the Road April 19, 2016
The girls load up for a weekend gateway right. The treehouse is ready for the little kids.
7 Family Reunion April 26, 2016
Ben and Jessa get ready for the Centeral America trip with a few of Jessa's siblings.
8 Israel Meets Spurgeon May 3, 2016
Spurgeon gets to meet his cousin, Israel, for the first time. The girls attend a women's conference while the boys enjoy soccer.

Season 2Edit

No. in season Title Original air date
1 A Courtship Begins August 23, 2016
In the Season 2 premiere, mission work continues for Jill and Derick in Central America; Jessa and Ben talk about their growing family; and Jinger shares big news about her future.
2 It's Official! August 30, 2016
Jeremy has his first meal with the family, and Jinger taps Jill and Derick for courtship advice. Meanwhile, Ben and Jessa talk about his plan for youth outreach; and the older Duggar siblings take wilderness survival training.
3 Duggars in the Wild September 6, 2016

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